Golf Simulators and What You Get For Your Money

  Golf Simulators come in various shapes and sizes including the budget simulators such as Golf Achiever to the to the high end simulators such as HD Golf Simulators. So what's the difference between them and why are some £40,000 plus and others closer to £10,000 in price.

Let's start with the high end simulators and why they charge the prices they do. All of these simulators tend to have one thing in common. They all provide game play on all of the well known Golf courses such a Peeble Beech for example. These clubs require a licence to be purchased allowing these companies to use their name and courses in their simulators. This is the biggest reason for price differential between the Golf Simulators as the more economical simulators tend to courses that you would not have heard of.

Then we come to the technology used in the simulator and the cost to implement these products. You have a choice between radar, high speed cameras, laser, lighting grids to name but a few. There is a slight difference between the technologies but all produce give some realistic game play with the laser, radar and high speed cameras proving to be the best in our opinion. All however predict how the ball flies at it is at best only tracking the ball to the screen.

Then we come to the quality of the picture and screen you are playing into. Most Golf Simulators use mapping technology which takes a plan of the course and then using modelling techniques produce a computer generated image of the hole you are playing. One benefit here is that you get a 3D view when you play the game just like you would play a game on a PC or play station.

The other option is playing into photo realistic image this gives you a feeling you are actually on the course you are playing rather than on a computer game. The quality of the picture is not just more realistic but better quality as it's usually taken at high resolutions. The only drawback is you do not get the 3D effect that's available in the mapping type simulators.

When you first take up the game of golf you will probably find that hitting the ball straight is much harder than it looks . After all, you are swinging a stick with a fairly small knob on the end and trying to hit a little golf ball in a controlled and precise way.

What are the odds of doing that with any amount of accuracy? Not very good. At least not without a lot of practice.

New golfers eventually discover that the ball doesn't always go where they want it to go. They learn that their only hope of enjoying the game is to just try to keep it in play. Usually that means taking it easy and not swinging so hard.

The biggest enemy of the beginning golfer is the dreaded slice. Almost anyone who swings reasonably hard will have a tendency to "slice" the ball until they learn how to avoid it. This is such a common problem that the slice is just second nature for most of us.

A "slice" is a shot that curves away from the golfer. For the right handed golfer that means it curves to the right. For a left handed golfer a slice curves to the left.

Virtually every time you strike the golf ball with a club you put spin on the ball. Top spin - where the top of the ball is spinning away from you - will result in a sinking shot. Bottom spin - where the top of the ball is spinning towards you - will result in a rising shot.

But side spin - either clockwise or counter clockwise - will make the ball curve either to the right or left. For a right handed golfer putting clockwise spin on the ball will make it "slice" to the right. For a left handed golfer putting counter clockwise spin on the ball will make it slice to the left.

Beginning golfers want to avoid this kind of side spin if at all possible, because it makes it much more difficult to control the direction the ball flies. And just as important, it results in a significant loss of distance.

To cure the tendency to put side spin on the ball it helps to know what causes it. The slice usually happens because the club head is not striking the ball squarely and in a straight line. These are actually two different things - the path of the club head, and the angle of the club face when it strikes the ball.

It helps to visualize what happens when the club head strikes the ball. Imagine the club head traveling on a path straight along your intended line of flight. Now imagine that the face of the club is angled slightly to the right (for a right handed golfer) when it strikes the ball. While the ball may fly more or less straight off the club face, it will be spinning in a clockwise direction and the result will be a curving slice to the right.

Or imagine that you swing the club head "across" the ball at an slight angle to the intended line of flight. You start out to the right of the line and you pull the club across towards the left. Even if you strike the ball with a square face (perpendicular to the intended line of flight) the action of "coming across" the ball will result in clockwise side spin.

Fixing these kinds of swing faults is not easy. Even experienced golfers often have a difficult time visualizing their swing. They think they are doing one thing when they are actually doing something quite different.

This is why having an instructor or a knowledgeable friend watch as you swing can be helpful. Video taping your swing can also help you see what is really going on. It is not unusual for someone who sees their swing for the first time on video to say "Wow, what an ugly swing. No wonder I'm not very good at this game."

But watching a video of your swing will not help much if you don't know what you are looking for. And unless the video is of fairly high quality and taken from the correct angle, it will be difficult to see things like the path of the club head or the angle of the club face at impact.

Without knowing these things it will difficult to know what to work on. That is why a golf simulator can be such a valuable tool for correcting common swing problems - especially the tendency to slice the ball.

A golf simulator is both a type of video game and a swing analyzer. You strike a real ball with real clubs, just as you would on a real golf course. But in this case you strike the ball off a special mat and into a net or, in some cases, a special projection screen.

Used as a swing analyzer the golf simulator will show you things that it is almost impossible to know any other way. A series of sensors in the mat pick up things such as club head speed, swing path angle and club face angle at the point of impact.

These are three of the most important factors that determine how far and in what direction the ball will fly when it is struck by the club. After analyzing your swing the system translates these factors into a projection of what your shot would actually look like on a real course.

But even more important, the simulator gives you real time feed back on your swing path and the angle of your club face at the point of impact. As we've seen, these are the two most common causes of a slice.

If you are serious about curing your slice, there is little doubt that analyzing your swing is the best place to start. And there is no more effective way to get an accurate and helpful swing analysis than with a golf simulator.

Using a golf simulator is a great way to fix your golf swing. Dancin' Dogg home golf simulator gives you everything you need to improve your game. Play golf in your home on some of the best golf courses in the world.

Buy Flowers Online - Is it Worth It?

There are many people who are now into online shopping. The technological advancements that we are enjoying nowadays have definitely made our lives much easier especially for those who are living overseas.

At the present time, you can buy anything from internet through online shops. Among all these items flowers are not let off. If you want to buy floral arrangements then buy flowers from online shops rather then your local flower shop. This way, you don't need to drive to the local flower shop and pick the floral arrangements by yourself. If you are busy you become very hassle by this you can consume your time. With a few clicks, you will be able to buy flowers online.

If you want to buy flowers online then there will be advantages and disadvantages too. There will be advantages and disadvantages, if you want to buy floral arrangements from online shop.

First and foremost, the most obvious advantage of buying floral arrangements online is convenience. You can buy floral arrangements even at the comfort of your home or if you are busy at work. If you are too busy to drive to a local floral shop , you can always purchase floral arrangements online. Aside from that, there is no need for you to worry about carrying the floral arrangements that you have purchased because it will be delivered to the recipient's place.

In addition to convenience, it is also saves time especially for people who are very busy. People who are busy can always purchase online as long as they have a computer with an internet access. Hence, being busy is not an excuse when it comes to giving flowers.

From online floral shop you have too much options for choosing floral arrangements because they have their own online galleries on online shop. There is no matter what occasion or purpose you have too much option for choosing flowers. Aside from that, you can also have a custom made arrangement in case you wanted the flowers to be more special. You are guaranteed that the floral arrangements are fresh because it is freshly picked. The online flower shops are owned by growers and florists so you can be guaranteed that the floral plants are freshly picked.

However, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to availing flowers delivery online. Apparently, when it comes to the prices, you will have to pay more for the delivery services. By suitability of online services it give you some high price costs.

Apparently, there is less touch between a local florist and an online flower arranger. In a local floral shop, you can always talk to the floral arranger and ask suggestions personally. On the other hand, this is not possible in an online flower shop. In online shops you are not able to meet with the owner of the online store, you can only meet if they provide there contact number.

There are advantages and disadvantages if you are thinking to buy flowers online. It is up to you to decide whether you would like convenience or you want to have a live conversation with the florists when it comes to purchasing floral arrangements.

One of the most important occasions in our lives is wedding. Because of that, ensuring that the wedding is great would mean plan early and ahead of time. A good planning assures a perfect wedding. Although to plan a wedding is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you necessitate to consider for the wedding and it can be very complex for you to know where to start.

One of the most precious things in a wedding would be the wedding flower. These fresh Canada flowers will make up the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids' flowers, corsage, buttonholes, floral plants for the ceremony, and for the decorations and reception. Apparently, the lovely blossoms are playing an integral part in the entire wedding ceremony itself.

It can't be denied that the blossoms make the wedding more attractive. Because of this, many couples are looking for the best deals of beautifully arranged Vancouver flowers at local floral shops. However, with the hectic schedule and many things to attend to, it can be difficult to search local shops one by one and choose the best shops that offer the best deals. At times like this, the best way is to resort to online floral shops.

Online floral shops are offering the best deals when it comes to floral arrangements. You can have a wide range of options for floral arrangements and you are also guaranteed that the Toronto flowers are freshly picked and made since the online shop is operated directly by the grower and florist. If you are going to use the flowers for weddings, these online shops are also offering beautiful floral packages for special occasions at very reasonable prices. The floral packages will be delivered at your place conveniently after you have ordered online and set the schedule for the delivery.

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, some couples would just leave the decision to the florist. But it's better to choose the flowers yourself as it is your marriage. Make sure that you set your finances first before deciding on a package because it might exceed your overall budget and you might have to sacrifice the quality of some essentials needed in the wedding.

Looking for an online floral is not as hard as locating a local floral shop because you can do the former even if you are at home or busy at work. You can search using your favorite search engine and find the excellent deals of floral packages for weddings. If you want to talk to the florist, you can check on the contact details of the florist on the online floral shop. Usually, you can contact the floral through chat, email, or telephone. If the florist has a local shop, you can also visit that shop if you have a spare time so that you can personally discuss the details of the floral arrangements to be used on your wedding.

A wedding should be planned carefully in order to make it perfect. One of the most important parts of the wedding would be flowers. If you are busy with work and other things that you need to attend to, you can look for wedding floral packages through floral shops and order flowers of different categories. You have a wide range of choices for flowers in these online floral shops.


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