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Golf Simulators and What You Get For Your Money

  Golf Simulators come in various shapes and sizes including the budget simulators such as Golf Achiever to the to the high end simulators such as HD Golf Simulators. So what's the difference between them and why are some £40,000 plus and others closer to £10,000 in price. Let's start with the high end simulators and why they charge the prices they do. All of these simulators tend to have one thing in common. They all provide game play on all of the well known Golf courses such a Peeble Beech for example. These clubs require a licence to be purchased allowing these companies to use their name and courses in their simulators. This is the biggest reason for price differential between the Golf Simulators as the more economical simulators tend to courses that you would not have heard of. Then we come to the technology used in the simulator and the cost to implement these products. You have a choice between radar, high speed cameras, laser, lighting grids to name but a few. There is

Procurement Organisation - 5 Reasons to Have a Centralised Organisation

  Organisation structures are a way of allocating goals, tasks and procedures to individuals and groups of individuals to achieve corporate objectives. One of the factors in deciding on the right structure is to think about whether or not common functions, such as procurement, should be centralised or de-centralised. Here are some of the reasons for having a centralised procurement structure. 1. Allows scarce resources to be acquired. For example, each business unit may have an occasional need for a particular procurement skill (such as utility buying) but not an on-going need. Centralising procurement enables them to acquire this skill and share it between all units. 2. Allows you to spot opportunities to consolidate spend. It can be the case that individual business units in a de-centralised organisation are buying similar items but in quantities that are too low to get the best price. A centralised organisation has the visibility of all spend to be able to spot this and go to market

2022 Image Metadata – What Is It, How & Why You Use It And More?

   Intro If there is one thing that’s guaranteed to be on your mind this year, it’s the image metadata. Image Metadata are the descriptive data you can use to help people share your content with their audiences. In this article, the leading  digital marketing agency  explains what image metadata is, why you need it, and what you should do with it. It also discusses how to create a successful metadata strategy by understanding the different types of metadata and how to measure them. If you’re wondering why you should care about image metadata, read this article to learn more about it. What is image meta data? Image metadata is a field that can be used to describe image files, such as photos and videos. The metadata are organized in the form of a table or a set of fields. Metadata are used in the creation of images, videos and other digital media files. Digital marketers use metadata to describe the image so that the images can be easily ordered using search engines and also used for mar

Don't Get Talked Into A Divorce By Your Friends

  I counsel and divorce-coach many men and women going through divorce in a year's time. One thing I hear repeatedly from many of the women I counsel is that they got talked into a divorce by well-meaning friends. I have found that some women live vicariously through a friend going through a divorce. They have a tendency to encourage others to seek legal counsel and if the truth were to be known, they themselves most likely are in a fragile marriage! Friends may not give sound advice and may secretly want to make sure that others suffer as much if not worse than they do. I see this all the time in my counseling and divorce coaching practice. I recall a female client whose friend lied to her about her husband being gay. This so-called friend lied when she said she saw her husband and his best friend holding hands at a restaurant. My client believed this woman and found out too late that her friend hated her husband with a passion and lied. When her friend was confronted by a pastor